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Whoops so I'm an itch noob and mixed up rating and comment. Let me try again:

I really enjoyed playing this game, and can totally recommend it (which I did!).

It doesn't take long to complete, and was engaging and fun/heartwarming the whole time I played.

A friend of mine suggested this game to me and man, surely I'm not disappointed trying out the game (and I'm loving the game). I just want to hug Alie and I do hope they are happy QvQ

I just have to draw this after Alie showed my form near the end QvQ

Thanks for playing!

Oh gosh, I would've just been happy seeing the various doodles people made with my project, but you went this far and it makes me very happy. And thank you so much for this, it really means a lot! It's so precious, I love it~

Thank you for creating such interesting and lovely VN QwQ ♡ (and glad the fanart is making you happy xD!)

Out of curiousity, how many forms were there in the game? So far I've seen 3 forms that Alie drawn for me.

Ooh, you've seen 3? Thanks for playing through it multiple times!

There are a total of 8 forms (and a 9th just in case of errors, but it's nothing special). You can check them yourself if you're curious enough, the files should be visible and unarchived. Open the game's folder -> game -> images; They're named "111", "112", "121" and so on until "222" with "0" being the Error image. It should be the first 9 images if sorted in alphabetical order. The numbered filenames made it easier for me to calculate certain stuff.

Ooooh, yeah I found the images. Each of the design looks so cool and unique *Q*

I will try playing the game again later and try to get the other 5 forms owo9!

That was cute, and a little heartbreaking. Hope Alie gets a happy ending somewhere.

At the moment, I don't have anything in the works or a solid plan for a continuation or revisit, but I would like to bring back Alie at some point. One way or another.

Thanks a lot for playing!

Is it weird that the ending made me irrationally sad? I miss Alie tbh which is weird since it usually takes me hours to get invested in a character/person.

Anything that can invoke these feeling in a person is absolutely amazing! Thank you for making this!

It's rather short and simple, but I still wanted to make it feel meaningful and sentimental. I'm glad to hear Alie managed to leave enough of an impact on you despite the short time you've got to known each other. 

Thank you very much for playing!